The Internet Explodes After White Sox SS Tim Anderson Eats A Right Hook From Guardians 3B José Ramírez

White sox Tim Anderson
Rob Friedman

Sorry Jake Paul… the most entertaining fight in sports last night was at Progressive Field in Cleveland.

Punches were thrown Saturday night in the 6th inning of the Cleveland Guardians/Chicago White Sox game when the Guardians’ All-Star third baseman José Ramírez slid into second between the legs of Chicago White Sox shortstop Tim Anderson.

Ramírez was called safe, but Anderson seemed to linger standing over him and Ramírez took exception.

The two exchanged words and then Anderson dropped the gloves like he was in a heavyweight hockey tilt. He wanted all the smoke… and he got it.

Baseball fights are always so entertaining because the whole team jumps in and usually, it’s just a bunch of dudes flailing, and nothing ever lands.

Welp, sometimes then land… they land HARD.

Timmy got dropped…

Check the slo-mo:

And how about this call from Cleveland’s radio announcer Tom Hamilton:


They both would be ejected from the game, as well as both managers, along with Guardians third base coach Mike Sarbaugh and closer Emmanuel Clase. Following the game, Ramírez said that it “felt like he was able to land one,” and added:

“He’s been disrespecting the game for a while. When he does something like that on the bases, he can get somebody out of the game. So I was telling him to stop doing that.

After he tapped me really hard, more than needed, he said he wanted to fight and I had to defend myself.”

Yeah José , you landed one, alright.

Guardians Manager Terry Francona’s delivered an all-time great reaction following the game:

“Right hook… it’s not funny, but when I came in I’m listening to Hammy, it’s hard not to chuckle, but… boys will be boys.”

And shocker, Anderson was not available to comment… the notorious smack-talker even started taking down tweets:


Even UFC commentator Joe Rogan got in on the action:

But perhaps even more entertaining than the knock-down punch, is the Twitter (or “X,” whatever…) comments:

TA might wanna take a week off…

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