87-Year-Old Woman Fights Off Intruder In The Middle Of The Night, Then Feeds Him Food Before Calling Cops

87 year woman
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This burglar in Maine picked the wrong Granny to mess with…

Marjorie Perkins was sound asleep in her home last month when she was suddenly awoken by an attacker in the middle of the night. The teenage intruder broke into the 87-year-old’s home around 2 a.m. and was standing at the foot of her bed when she woke up to noise in the room, and the attacker threatening her.

Perkins told News Center Maine:

“I woke up to see a male standing over me by my bed telling me he was going to cut me.”

Somehow the older woman wasn’t intimidated at all by the situation, and quickly sprang into action. Perkins knew that she wanted to fight back, so that’s exactly what she did:

“I jumped out of bed, got my shoes on real fast cause I don’t have ties, and I was ready to kick. I grabbed my chair and he grabbed me by the shoulders and pushed me against the wall, so I took my chair and I kept hitting him.”

The burglar was clearly starting to figure out that he should have picked a different house to break into, because Marjorie Perkins wasn’t going to go down without a fight.

She seems like such a sweet old woman (and she most likely is), but she also knows when she needs turn it into “Mean Granny” mode.

After battling back with the chair, the young attacker actually retreated and ran out of her bedroom and into the home’s kitchen. And in the biggest twist of the story, apparently the high tension fighting turned into a simple request from the man that had broken in:

“He said he was very hungry, so I gave him crackers and peanut butter.”

Wow, what an absolute angel. Marjorie apparently also gave the young man two protein drinks and two tangerines in addition to the classic grandma snack of crackers and peanut butter.

While the intruder was snacking, Perkins dialed 911 and was speaking to the dispatcher when the intruder finally decided to vacate the home that he failed to rob. In the process of fleeing, the young burglar left behind a knife, shoes, shirt, and an alcohol-filled water bottle. Clearly this guy wasn’t very good at burgling…

And despite being attacked in the place that she’s called home for 42 years, Perkins says that she still feels safe. The only thing that she’s worried about is the uptick in crime that the nation has seen:

“I think our law has just folded up. People aren’t afraid of anything anymore. They feel they can do as they please.”

The 87-year-old doesn’t want you to feel bad for her either. Though she hopes that she doesn’t ever have to fight off another attacker again, she’ll be ready to if need be, and doesn’t want any sympathy from those who have heard her story:

“Don’t sit and cry about it. If it comes up again, do it again. Be ready to kick and pick up a chair and hit somebody with it.”

Take a look at the bravest granny you’ll ever see in the video below:

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