Jelly Roll Says A Collaboration With Morgan Wallen Is “Inevitable,” Also Wants To Record With Miley Cyrus And Kesha

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At the rate he’s going, Jelly Roll will be able to collab with anybody he wants pretty soon.

The rapper-turned-country singer is one of the hottest names in country music right now, just recently scoring his second #1 hit with “Need a Favor” after his first country single, “Son Of a Sinner,” hit the top of the charts earlier this year.

Jelly Roll, whose real name is Jason DeFord, also has one of the most compelling backstories in country music, after spending time in and out of prison for years before turning his life around thanks to his music career. And he’s on an absolute rocketship right now, selling out venues across the country as he embarks on his first country music headlining tour.

His latest record features a collaboration with another country superstar, Lainey Wilson, who joined Jelly Roll on a remake of “Save Me,” a song he first recorded for his 2020 album Self Medicated. And that song recently hit #1 on the Sirius XM Hot 30 Countdown.

All that to say, pretty much everything the guy touches right now turns to gold.

Even Cody Johnson, whose Texas style of country music is quite the opposite from Jelly Roll, has said that he wants to collaborate with Jelly in the future:

“Respect is mutual, and real recognizes real. So absolutely, we’ve talked about working together. You guys may not look at me and realize this, but I have a pretty jaded past as well.”

I have a feeling we’ll be seeing quite a few people lined up to collab with Jelly Roll soon. But there’s one name in particular that Jelly Roll says is inevitable: Morgan Wallen.

Speaking with Holler Country, Jelly Roll said that Morgan’s one of his dream collabs – but he also says that he’s such good friends with the superstar that it’s only a matter of time before they end up on a song together:

“I think the thing about Morgan is, it’s a dream collab for me but I don’t think of it that way because I think it’s inevitable.

Our friendship is just inevitably going to end up where we end up making more songs together, writing together. He’s one of my best friends in the music business.”

But Morgan’s not the only one that Jelly Roll has on his list of dream collaborators – and the other names he threw out might surprise you:

“Miley Cyrus. She’s a Tennessee girl. Kesha maybe, even. I’m a sucker for local. I’m one of them old-school tribal kind of guys so my go-to heroes are the locals.”

I have a feeling that Jelly Roll will have his choice of any collaborator he wants pretty soon if he keeps up his insane rise.

@hollercountry Who wants a Jelly Roll x Miley Cyrus collab? 👋 #jellyroll #mileycyrus #kesha #morganwallen #countrymusic ♬ original sound – Holler

Jelly Roll And Wife Bunnie XO Grant Dying Wish For Woman With Cancer

Despite his rough exterior, Jelly Roll also has a big ol’ heart.

He and his wife Bunnie Xo, who’s made quite the name for herself with her Dumb Blonde Podcast, are one of the most interesting couples in country music.

The former rapper-turned-country star has spoken openly about his history with addiction, as well as his time in and out of jail before turning his life around to become one of the biggest up-and-coming names in country music.

But his wife has quite the interesting – and impressive – story herself.

Bunnie is the host of the Dumb Blonde Podcast, where she’s talked extensively about her time as a high-end escort in Las Vegas before settling down with Jelly Roll and his children and transitioning to her new career as a podcaster and social media influencer.

Together they’ve become quite the power couple. And recently they teamed up to make a final dream come true for one woman who’s battling cancer.

In a clip posted by the James Bess Foundation, Suzanne Durham of Nashville reveals that she has stage four cancer and that she has less than five months to live.

And her dying wish is to meet Jelly Roll.

@jamesbessfoundation Suzanne is a former Nashville house manager for women recovering from drug and alcohol addiction. She is now battling stage four cancer and doctors have given her less than 5 months to live. Her dying wish is to meet, have dinner with, and attend a concert of @Jelly Roll. It is our sincere hope to grant this amazing women’s wish! #Jellyroll #drugrehab #dyingwish #communityangel #hope #makingmemories #family #joy #compassion #nashville ♬ original sound – James Bess Foundation

Well the video caught the attention of Bunnie, who commented and promised to make it happen.

And it did.

Recently, Durham’s wish came true when she got a special meet-and-greet and private concert with the country star and his wife at Life Church in Nashville.

@jamesbessfoundation @Jelly Roll and @Bunnie Xo 🪄 came out to fulfill the dying wish of a community angel and hero who has dedicated her life to helping others recover from addiction! We are extremely grateful for both Jelly Roll and Bunnie for their time and loving hearts! #addictionrecovery #communityangel #communityhero #jellyroll #hope #joy #compassion #cancersucks #lastwish #dreamscometrue ♬ original sound – James Bess Foundation

Suzanne, who battled addiction herself before recovering, sat on stage with Jelly Roll, and even hyped up the crowd and tried to get them on their feet as he played some of his hits.

@allybaddieofficial thankyou @James Bess Foundation and @Jelly Roll @Bunnie Xo 🪄 #recovery #jellyroll #bunnie #fuckcancer #fyp #foryoupage we love yal!!@Suzanne Durham ♬ original sound – ally baharlou

@allybaddieofficial we love you suzanne @Suzanne Durham #jamesbessfoundation #foryoupage #recovery #fyp #jellyroll #bunnie #cancerfighter @Jelly Roll @Bunnie Xo 🪄 ♬ original sound – ally baharlou

After the event, Bunnie shared her thoughts on the special evening:

“It was Chicken Soup for the Soul and everything I needed in that moment. God really works in mysterious ways, because just seeing this woman that has been given five months to live, who has spent her entire life trying to help other people…even her last dying wish, she wanted her friends to be there to be able to experience this with her and she was just so happy that she could give back to her friends that were in recovery and people that she helped in recovery when she got sober. And man, that’s what life is all about.

We never know when our last breath on earth is here. And it’s just like, if you want to waste your time spreading toxicity and dwelling on things that don’t f*cking matter and don’t inspire people, I would much rather inspire people than impress people. I want to leave here with people being like, ‘Dude. She touched my life. She helped me out of a dark spot.’

That’s what I want to do. And that’s what I live for. I don’t care what anybody has to say about me. If they like me, if they don’t like me, cool. Don’t care.

Cause you know what? If Suzanne was given five months to live and she chose to live her last five months inspiring people, that alone is enough motivation for me to want to do the same.”

Sounds like it was a pretty special night for everybody.

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