Indianapolis Colts Owner Jim Irsay Wants To Pay $20 Million To Fly An Orca Whale Across The Country – But Still Won’t Sign Jonathan Taylor

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If you’ve been keeping up with the NFL for the past couple of years, then you probably know that Indianapolis Colts running back has been one of the best, if not THE best running back in the league for the past two seasons.

Seriously, the guy is the main reason the Colts haven’t been an absolute embarrassment over the past two seasons.

So, as you can imagine, Taylor has been wanting to get paid the money he deserves for basically putting the team on his back.

But, it appears that the Colts and their owner Jim Irsay have been making every excuse not to pay their star. For example, they said that Taylor had been complaining about “back pain,” so in the cheapest move imaginable, they want to put him on the “non-football injury” list. And if they do, they don’t even have to pay Taylor.

However, Taylor has refuted those claims, and has wanted a trade, and there’s really no telling what his future may be in Indianapolis.

So, how would Irsay and the Colts rather their money instead of paying Taylor?

On a… killer whale?

That’s right, according to the New York Post, Irsay is planning to spend $20 million on a 8,000 pound killer whale named Lolita from a small enclosure in Miami, to the Pacific Ocean in a 15-acre netted area in the Puget Sound near Washington state.

Lolita has lost all her strength from performing for tourists at the Seaquarium for the past five decades, and normally, I’m all for a move like this.

But c’mon, football season is right around the corner and your star running back who has been the workhorse for this team isn’t getting paid and wants out…

Where are your priorities Irsay?

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