Deer Rams Straight Into Car, Nearly Takes An Oncoming Biker’s Head Off

Deer hits car
Peter Flur

Here in the southeast, if you’re driving after the sun goes down, there’s a VERY good chance you’ll spot a deer.

On top of that, there’s also a very good chance that one will run in front of your car, and you pray to the Good Lord for a split second that the deer will be quick enough to get out of the way before completely demolishing itself and your car.

It’s just a part of the way of life down here, and seeing a deer at night is something you expect to see.

But during the middle of the day?

That’s a whole different story, because that’s a rarity…

And one of these rare situations almost cost a biker its head.

This one went down in Weddington, North Carolina, which is just outside of Charlotte for any of those familiar with the area.

A group of bikers were going for a casual, leisurely stroll, or training for the Tour De France (one of the two), until things went south QUICK.

A deer sprinted right out in front the bikes, and smashed into the side of a car that was passing by in the other lane.

Yeah, it did some serious damage to the vehicle, but the deer went flying straight over one of the biker’s head, missing her by inches. Needless to say, this situation could’ve ended much worse if the deer traveled only a few inches lower after ramming into the side of the car.

Head on a swivel out there on the road, folks.

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