Tyler Halverson Releases Acoustic Version Of His Latest Single “Run Wild”

Tyler Halverson country music
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Tyler Halverson is quickly becoming an artist who can do no wrong in my book.

He has been releasing heater after heater, with catchy melodies and clever lyrics. Today the “Western Amerijuana” artist released an acoustic version of his latest single, “Run Wild.”

Since the single’s release the other week, I have single handedly played it at least 100 times if I had to guess, so I am beyond thrilled to continue to digest the song in another light.

He introduces the song that wrestles with not sharing your feelings and trying to let your heart lead the way by saying:

“Here’s one I wrote with me and my upset self.”

I fell in love with the lyrics from the original cut, but hearing them in a stripped-back light makes me fall even harder.

Halverson accompanies himself on guitar and harmonica for the tune. And while the song’s original cut is heavily acoustic, somehow, he makes this version feel more unplugged and casual. His vocals are the focal point of this video, letting you take in each word he sings into the mic.

Tyler Halverson is truly a star in the making. Give it a listen.

Tyler Halverson Does It Again With New Single “Run Wild”

With every single Tyler Halverson releases, the more impressed I am.

I love the authenticity of his lyrics and the metaphors he uses to relate love to rodeo terms. It’s beyond clever, and he effortlessly captures that audience through his language.

And he’s done it again with his newest single, “Run Wild.”

The tender acoustic love song talks about letting your feelings take over and following your heart with a new relationship. He compares letting your feeling take over to loosening the reins on your horse.

As a horse owner myself, there is nothing more terrifying yet freeing than opening up your horse in a vast field and just letting them run.

It truly is the perfect metaphor for the terrifying yet exciting feeling of letting yourself fall in love.

The music video also matches the imagery I had in my head first listening to the track perfectly. Shot in the Badlands National Park, it pictures shots of a girl working her horse while Halverson strums his guitar in sandy mountainous backgrounds.

It matches his country & Western Amerijuana branding effortlessly.

I am a sucker for an excellent acoustic and harmonica duo in a song, and this does just that. Keep on keepin’ on this track, Tyler Halverson.

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