Cincinnati Reds’ Joey Votto Hilariously Eviscerates Chris “Mad Dog” Russo During Interview

Joey Votto
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Cincinnati Reds first baseman Joey Votto is one of the most liked players in the MLB, and it’s mainly because he doesn’t take himself too seriously.

The 39-year-old baseball player has been one of the best players in the major leagues since he first arrived in Cincinnati in 2007, but playing for the Reds for his entire career has not lead to much “team success,” with many debating on whether he should be a member of the baseball hall of fame when it’s all said and done.

He’s not sour about it though, because he just seems happy to be out on the field each and every day. Anytime the MLB has mic’d him up during games (which is a really cool feature of baseball that not many other sports can do), the moments he has provided have been priceless.

Like this one as he interacted with Atlanta Braves second baseman Ozzie Albies during a game:

Or when the Reds played in the Field of Dreams game last year and he spoke on what playing there meant to him:

Joey Votto is always a professional and carries himself with a ton of poise, yet he also realizes that he’s fortunate enough to make a living playing a childhood game. The joy that stems from that gratitude leads Votto to enjoy life both on and off the field, and also led to this hilarious interview with Chris “Mad Dog” Russo.

“Mad Dog” is a famous radio host personality (from the Mike & The Mad Dog era) who has benefited from somewhat of a career resurgence thanks to his weekly appearances on ESPN’s First Take. Russo also hosts a show on MLB Network called High Heat, along with Alanna Rizzo.

On that show, the hosts were talking to Joey Votto about his career, and the veteran first baseman decided it was a great opportunity to poke fun at “Mad Dog” about something he had said about Votto and pitcher Zack Greinke:

“A couple of months ago, you said that Zack Greinke and I are ‘hall of very good’ ball players. I think Zack and I would agree, you may be right. 

But I get the gist of what’s going on here. I know what you’re doing. You’re looking down on us, a couple of small market, midwest ball players. Just because we’re not ‘big city,’ just like you.”

At this point, “Mad Dog” can barely keep it together as Votto puts on the acting and vocal performance of a lifetime tearing into the New York native. Joey loudly continues:

“Mr. New York City, Sirius XM radio star. Mr. National Television, ESPN star, with your Fifth Avenue ties and your crisp pocket squares. Your tailored suits and your polished shoes.”

Clearly, Votto is just having some fun with the legendary sports commentator, though there could be some truth in the jokes that the loyal Reds player is throwing out. Votto finishes off his rant (which is mocking Russo’s signature argument style) by saying:

“And your hair, your perfectly quaffed, Broadway hair. Must be nice to sit atop that Madison Avenue ivory tower, looking down on us with those luscious locks.

Not everyone can be the next Roger Peckinpaugh, Mad Dog. You should be ashamed of yourself! You’re a disgrace!”

Chris Russo is in a heap of laughter by the end of it, and the clip really showcases why Joey Votto is such an incredibly likable professional athlete. I’m actually happy for him that the Cincinnati Reds are having a pretty decent season this year.

Check out Votto doing his best “Mad Dog” impression below:

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