Six Injured After New York City Crane Catches Fire And Collapses Into Neighboring Building

New York crane

A horrifying way to start your day.

Early this morning, a construction crane carrying concrete to a skyscraper caught fire in the Hudson Yard neighborhood of New York City. As the crane operation room went up in flames, damage caused by the head led to the crane collapsing.

Video footage taken by bystanders shows the elevated machinery falling from extreme heights, crashing into another nearby skyscraper before falling to the ground.

The New York Post reported that Mayor Adams commented on the tragic event.

“You see the debris on the street, this could have been much worse. We were fortunate that this was not a busy time of day.

We’re also fortunate that first responders responded in such a manner and made the right evaluation of how to look at the fire and crisis we were presented with and came up with [the right solution].”

While the incident occurred in the early morning hours, so thankfully, the streets were empty compared to rush hour, it still inflicted some injuries.

It has been reported that six pedestrians were injured. While none were life-threatening, it did lead to three receiving hospital visits.

Can you imagine how terrifying it was for the star employees that got to work early to witness windows being crashed in as a crane fell right in front of you?

The New York Post also noted that the operational company behind this crane had faced issues in the past.

“The crane was emblazoned on the side with the name of Lomma Crane company, which is owned by James F. Lomma, who was acquitted of manslaughter and three other charges in connection with the deadly collapse of a crane on the Upper East Side in 2008.”

Not a good look for Lomma Crane.

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