Megan Moroney Announces Acoustic Version of “I’m Not Pretty” Coming Friday

Megan Moroney country music
Megan Moroney/Youtube

Sending the track to country radio, and now an acoustic version.

Megan Moroney has quite the hit on her hands with “I’m Not Pretty.” After the success of “Tennessee Orange,” she kept her single releases strong.

The emo cowgirl took to her social media stories to inform fans that she is releasing an acoustic version of the song Friday.

Megan Moroney
Instagram/Megan Moroney

“I’m Not Pretty” charmingly tells the story of an ex’s new girlfriend stalking Moroney on social media, accidentally liking one of her photos from years back. Of course, that leads to the thought that she was more than likely getting dogged by the new girlfriend and her friends.

Moroney said when she introduced the song on her CMT Campfire Session:

“Long story short, my ex-boyfriend’s new girlfriend liked one of my old Instagram photos from 2016. You can go find it on my Instagram.

And instead of being weird about it, I just wrote this song.” 

We are all in for a treat if the soon-to-be single sounds like the campfire acoustic version.

The stripped-back melody lets listeners focus on the raspy vocals while further highlighting the witty songwriting skills that Moroney possesses.

If anyone has mastered sarcasm in songwriting, it is Megan Moroney.

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