Tyler Childers Shares Another Cryptic Teaser As We (Hopefully) Get Closer To An Announcement That New Music Is Coming

Tyler Childers country music
Twitter/Tyler Childers

Just drop it already, Tyler…

Mr. Tyler Childers has been teasing fans that some sort of announcement might be coming soon, recently changing his social media profile photos and even sharing a few cryptic videos over on Instagram.

Of course, it sent fans into a frenzy in the comments section (mostly on Twitter) that new music could potentially be in the horizon, and this morning, he dropped another one…

It’s a simple clip, which shows a group of coal miner’s going into the mountain, though the time period looks to be from quite a few decades back if you look closely at the vintage car in the background:

Many fans are speculating he could potentially be gearing up to release a song called “I’ll Wait For You,” which he debuted at Bonnaroo earlier this year, because the first teaser he posted featured a similar piano arrangement in the background to when he played it live:

There was no caption on any of the posts or clues as to what it all might imply, but if I know anything about Tyler, I have a feeling that there’s likely a new song (probably “I’ll Wait For You,” if I had to guess) coming soon, or even full-on project in the works.

Buckle up and plan accordingly…

You can watch his entire live perfomance of “I’ll Wait For You” here and see what you think:

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