Tyler Childers Shares Cryptic Video Across His Social Media Platforms, And Fans Are Begging For New Music

Tyler Childers country music
Twitter/Tyler Childers

I don’t know what exactly is going on here, but I like it…

Tyler Childers has been teasing fans that some sort of announcement might be coming soon, recently changing his social media profile photos and sending them into a frenzy in the comments section (mostly on Twitter) that new music could potentially be in the horizon.

Mostly, it’s because the last time he announced a new project, he did so in similar fashion leading up to the release of his 2022 gospel record Can I Take My Hounds To Heaven?, posting a few teaser clips like so:

And earlier today, Tyler shared a video of himself in overalls checking out an old plow (or similar-looking piece of farm equipment) in the middle of a field with a simple piano arrangement in the background across his social media platforms, which looks to be where he also took the new profile photo he updated last week.

There was no caption or any other clues as to what this might imply, but if I know anything about Tyler, I have a feeling that there’s likely a new song, or even full-on project, coming soon and we should all buckle up and plan accordingly:

Hopefully, that old plow is “rustin’ in the rain,” and we’re finally gonna get the studio version:

“Percheron Mules” also fits the farm imagery, which he debuted at last year’s Healing Appalachia benefit concert…


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