Tyler Childers Changed His Social Media Profile Picture, & Fans Think New Music Is On The Way

Tyler Childers country music
Emma Delevante

Tyler Childers has changed his social media profile images, immediately raising fan speculation.

The Appalachian artist has been lying pretty low on social media these days.

Leading up to the release of Can I Take My Hounds To Heaven?, he posted a few teaser clips and revealed the album art via a multipost arrangement.

But since then, nothing.

As he has been hitting the road, he is letting his performances speak for themselves rather than airing content on his socials. I mean, he is big enough if anyone could get away with not posting and still sell out show after show… it’s Tyler Childers.

But since Childers is not super active on social media, this leaves super fans noticing the minute changes that are made to his profile.

Including the changing of his profile image. It does help for noticeability that it was made to all of his social media pages versus just updating one platform.

The headshot of Childers has been swapped out to a scenic sunset field with an old plow (or similar-looking piece of farm equipment) pictured as the image’s focal point.

Not sure what the messaging is, but it tracks with the rural town he is from in Kentucky.

While the meaning of the profile change is uncertain, many fans are speculating it means new music. And lately, profile changes are kind of the universal sign that new material is on the way, but hey, maybe Tyler just really loves that old plow.

Maybe that old plow is “rustin’ in the rain,” and we’re finally gonna get the studio version?

Stay tuned…


“Percheron Mules” also fits the farm imagery…

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A beer bottle on a dock