Joe Rogan Reportedly Denied Another Donald Trump Request To Be On The Podcast

Joe Rogan
The Joe Rogan Experience

Not happening… at least… not yet.

Joe Rogan, the world’s most prominent UFC commentator, podcast host, and comedian puts out his popular podcast to the tune of approximately 11 million listeners per episode, and Rogan must be feeling the renowned phrase of “with great power comes great responsibility” since he is reportedly not interested in having Donald Trump on as a guest.

The media frequently accuses Joe Rogan (incorrectly) of being “alt-right” so you would think he would support the Republican frontrunner, right?

Not the case…

Fuel was added to the “will-he, won’t-he” fire when Rogan and former President Donald Trump were seen shaking hands with one another at recent UFC fight in Las Vegas.

It is believed that both Trump and one of his advisors was trying to parlay the interaction into a guest spot on The Joe Rogan Experience.

Apparently Donald Trump knows how much of an audience Rogan’s podcast pulls in, and how valuable that kind of platform can be.

The former President is also apparently a fan of the show, with a Trump advisor telling the Daily Beast:

“The President listens to Rogan. I don’t think the President takes Rogan’s criticism personally, and really, in the end, Donald Trump would listen to a non-politician with some mild criticism more than a politician that kisses his ass.”

Rogan has stated in the past that he wouldn’t ever want to give Trump the powerful platform of his podcast, and it appears that he still feels that way even after the former President and his team tried to work out a deal.

Joe Rogan shared his thought in detail on an episode of the Lex Fridman Podcast (lots of podcasts, try to keep up) when the topic of the 45th President came up.

Rogan cleared the air and stated:

“By the way, I’m not a Trump supporter, in any way, shape, or form. I’ve had the opportunity to have him on my show more than once. I’ve said no, every time.

I don’t want to help him. I’m not interested in helping him.”

Fridman countered with Rogan’s claims of not wanting to help Trump by bringing up that he had interviewed the controversial Kanye West in an prior existing episode of Rogan’s uberly successful podcast. Joe shot down the comparison pretty quickly, saying:

“Yeah, but Kanye is an artist. Kanye doing well or not doing well doesn’t change the course of our country.”

Fridman took a moment to take the weight of that answer in, then asked Rogan:

“Do you really bear the responsibility of the course of our country based on a conversation?” 

Rogan responded:

“I think you can revitalize and rehabilitate someone’s image in a way that is pretty shocking.”

A clip of the interview can be viewed below:

However, if Trump does secure the Republican nomination, could Joe reconsider?

Given the fact that he said he would vote for Trump over Biden, if those are indeed the two choices, would he be more inclined to sit down with Trump?

I think he might…

One thing is for sure… it would be a MASSIVE podcast.

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