New Michigan Law Will Allow Alcohol Sales At College Sporting Events

Michigan stadium
Tom Pidgeon/Getty Images

Oh man, Michigan sporting events are about to get ROWDY.

When it comes to watching live sports, there’s nothing better than pounding a few drinks and getting a little loose before walking into the stadium or arena.

But, it’s not so fun when you start to sober up and there’s nothing inside the stadium to keep the buzz going.

I’m sure tons of Michigan sports fans have run into this problem throughout the years, and have been forced to reside to stuffing mini bottles inside places where they should not be, just so there’s a plan B if the buzz starts to ware off.

With that being said, it appears that Michigan fans will have this problem no more, because the state has just passed a law to allow alcohol sales at college sporting events.

According to the Detroit Free Press, Governor Gretchen Whitmer said in a statement:

“Authorizing the legal sale of alcohol at sporting events will bring us on equal footing with other universities, help reduce the likelihood of binge drinking before games, and bring in a heck of a lot more revenue that we can use to improve the student experience.

I am proud that we are getting this done and making fall evenings at Spartan Stadium or the Big House safer and more fun.”

Alright, for the binge drinking before games, that ain’t gonna change with the college students. They’re going to be lit up like a Christmas tree regardless, and will probably be blackout by the time the second half of football games roll around.

Nevertheless, the Michigan football stadium, dubbed the Big House, is going to be even more rowdy than its current reputation.

Get ready:

A beer bottle on a dock



A beer bottle on a dock