Jake Owen Responds To Jason Isbell’s “Write Your Own Songs Dagger” Regarding Jason Aldean: “Wrong Way To Encourage Artists”

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This Twitter beef has really been keeping me entertained today.

Let’s dive in…

This morning  Jason Isbell tweeted a snide comment about Jason Aldean’s newest single and his “inability to write,” as the song was written by a handful of songwriters and then recorded by Aldean.

Country music colleague  Jake Owen saw Isbell’s tweet and fired back, defending Aldean, but more so the idea that you don’t necessarily have to solo write all of your own songs to be a great country music star.

While Isbell has a known reputation for speaking out on hot topics like this one, especially with the politically charged undertones.

The rare call out from Owen gained the attention of fans from all over. Some called out Isbell even further for his statement. Others called out Owen for the statement that seemed hypocritical.

Owen quickly cleared that up, saying that this was not the first time he has called out Isbell for firing off tweets like this before, and he has told him face to face.

After a brief pause, Isbell responded to Owen’s initial statement.

“What really gets me about this is that it’s saying “if you don’t believe you can physically overpower me, you aren’t allowed to publicly disagree with me.”

What does that say to the people in your life who aren’t big strong boys? They just have to shut up?”

Owen then fired off four well thought out Tweets addressing why he chose to call out Isbell for his initial statement.

“I’ve spent my entire career trying to promote positivity. At my shows, off the stage, wherever I am. I don’t like division or hate. That’s why I responded to the previous tweet.

Being crass, I replied because I was offended by Jason Isbell’s insinuation that “if you don’t write your own songs, you’re less than or not a real artist..”

I’ve had a record deal for almost 20 years. I feel deep down that I am a good writer. I’ve written a lot of songs, and recorded many of them. I’m just a fan of songs. I don’t need to write everything in order to prove to myself or anyone that I’m a “real artist.

If it wasn’t for incredible songwriters, I know for a fact I wouldn’t have had the career I have had. I’m forever grateful for the many songwriters that have thought I was worthy enough to record their song. Their idea.

I bet George Jones was grateful for Bobby Braddock and Curly Putman for a song called “He Stopped Loving Her Today.” I bet Jason Isbell is grateful Morgan Wallen recorded his song “Cover Me Up.”

I am a Jason Isbell music fan. Always have been. I understand his takes on things can be polarizing. I chime in when I feel like there’s a low blow being thrown. The “write your own songs” dagger cuts me deep because I think that is the wrong way to encourage artists trying to make it, and quite frankly, Jason Isbell has a large voice  He IS respected.

I know I’ve made a great living and have been fortunate enough to support my family, NOT because I am better than anyone. I’m lucky… and I’ve just tried to record the best songs that I love. I think most artists do that.

I came in hot on the conversation because I’m passionate about it. I listen to Jason Isbell and Jason Aldean.  In retrospect, I should have clarified from the jump, but my human emotions got in the way.

I’m sure some won’t see my point, but this is my attempt at clarity.” 

Well worded, Jake Owen.

While Isbell has not responded to Owen’s explanation (and I honestly would not be surprised if he did not at all or waited a substantial amount of time), he has been trolling Aldean fans that have been tweeting at him.

While following this has been wildly entertaining, it does shine a light on the division that currently has a chokehold on country music. From mainstream artists like Owen to perhaps lesser-known, but critically-acclaimed singer-songwriters like Isbell, taking the politics out of it shows you the two widely different philosophies artists have today.

…at least this beef shows us Twitter is alive and well… so long, Threads.

It is wild that all of this is still pointed at Jason Aldean‘s “Try That In A Small Town” drama, while hardly addressing the now #1 single at all…

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