Zach Top Releases Jukebox Jam “Justa Jonesin'”

Zach Top country music
Zach Top


This is one hell of a mid-week pick-me-up.

Zach Top released a new single today called “Justa Jonesin’,” and the honky tonk tune feels like you took a step back in time.

The young cowboy-turned-country star has been teasing clips for the tune over the past week, but given that all of the teasers were acoustic, I couldn’t wait to be able to hear the final sound of the single.

“Listen to “Justa Jonesin’” now and tell all your friends to as well!”

Top is known for embracing the ’80s and ’90s sound of George Strait, Alan Jackson, and many of the other greats before him, and I feel like this single captures the essence of what makes a killer honky honk heater. He is brining back the roots of ’90s country that we all know and love while still adding a modern twist.

(I mean, even Parker McCollum gave him a shoutout for reviving the sound of true country music.)

With tons of steel guitar and fiddle, a quick tempo with twanging guitar riffs, and Zach Top’s vocal slides make this song a certified bop.

Here’s a look at the chorus:

“You got me justa jonesin’
You got me justa moanin’ the blues
Like some neon-cornered jukebox
Girl, you’ve got me justa jonesin’ for you.”

Zach Top is reviving REAL honky tonk music one single at a time, and I am here for it.

Check out it out.

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