Seven Times Miranda Lambert Called Out Fans For Not Behaving At Her Shows

Miranda Lambert
Evan Frost/NHLI via Getty Images

Miranda Lambert isn’t afraid to call out her own fans if they start acting up.

Of course the most recent example happened over the weekend during her concert in Las Vegas when she stopped the show to call out a group of fans who she says were more worried about taking selfies than watching the performance.

But this isn’t the first time that Miranda’s interrupted her performance to call out fans from the stage.

Here are some other times the superstar put her foot down during a show:

Cat Fight

Way back in 2010, Miranda stopped a show in Michigan to break up a “cat fight” near the front of the stage.

“Y’all have been getting on my nerves”

At another concert back in 2010, Miranda called out another group that was fighting, telling them that they had been “getting on her nerves the whole time” and asking if she needed to come down and “kick one of y’alls ass.”

“Because I would be more than obliged to honey.”

“You have your back turned and I don’t like that”

During a performance of “House That Built Me,” Miranda stopped a show to ask a group that had their back turned to turn around. But hey, at least she said excuse me.

@lovelikecheyenne I would simply evaporate if she ever confronted me with that “excuse me” hahaha #legend #mirandalambert #concert #countrymusic #music #live #funny ♬ original sound – lovelikecheyenne

Glow Sticks

Idiots throwing things onstage during shows isn’t a new thing, although it’s made headlines recently after several artists have been hit by objects thrown from the crowd.

But Miranda once stopped a show during her performance of “Over You” to call out a fan who threw a glow stick on stage.

Not really the song for that my guy.

@jordon9121 That time Miranda stopped in the middle of her song because someone was throwing glow sticks on stage. Hilarious #mirandalambert #concerts ♬ original sound – Jordon

The exit’s that way.

Not only did Miranda call this woman out while performing “Cheyenne” with the Pistol Annies, she even made her way to the front of the stage to escort her back to her seat herself.

@lovelikecheyenne moral of the story: don’t ever distract a legend #mirandalambert #pistolannies #cheyenne #countrymusic #fyp #concert #ryman ♬ original sound – lovelikecheyenne

This video shows the entire incident, with the woman standing directly at the stage despite being asked by both Miranda and security to sit down.

@chelsea_jolley11 Miranda Lambert Actin’ up before.. apparently it’s not a new thing.. zi always loved her, I never realized she was such a Diva 🫨 #miranda #mirandalambert #diva #bekind #benice ♬ original sound – Chelsea Jolley

Beach balls

There’s also Miranda’s ongoing feud with beach balls, which she’s taken the time to pop when they’ve made their way to the stage many times.

@bobbysworld_ she’s so rude. #mirandalambert #concert #rude ♬ original sound – bob.

No selfies.

Then of course there’s the most recent incident, when Miranda stopped her performance of “Tin Man” because a group was more worried about taking pictures than listening to the show.

So yeah, if you’re planning on catching a Miranda Lambert show, you better be on your best behavior.

Because as she’s proven time and time again, she’s not afraid to call out people who aren’t.

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