Netflix Renews NFL Docuseries “Quarterback” For A Second Season

Patrick Mahomes

This is proof that people love anything and everything NFL football.

The Netflix docuseries “Quarterback” premiered last Wednesday and took the world by storm. Many football fans were looking forward to the inside look at a life of an NFL quarterback, and as someone who binge watched the whole thing way too quickly, the 8-episode series did not disappoint.

“Quarterback” chose to follow Marcus Mariota, Kirk Cousins, and Patrick Mahomes for its inaugural season, and the trio ended up painting a pretty interesting picture with their three interweaving storylines.

Of course, it worked out well for the show that Mahomes went on to win the Super Bowl last year, and also happened to cover the biggest comeback in NFL history with Cousins at the helm.

After the success of the docuseries covering Formula One racing, streaming services are going to try to capitalize on built in fan interest in leagues like the NFL, and “Quarterback” certainly did a good job crafting their series. So much so that not even a week after the show giving unprecedented access of one of the hardest positions in sports premiered, the docuseries was renewed for a second season.

Peyton Manning, the executive producer for the show, announced the exciting news on The Pat McAfee Show earlier today:

For those like myself who absolutely loved the show, the news of another season is very exciting. As football fans, it can be easy to just watch the games and see the players as “helmets and jerseys” when they are just like the rest of us and have lives outside of their jobs.

The first season of “Quarterback” still gave us plenty of behind-the-scenes football moments, but the show was at its best when we got to see Mahomes, Cousins, and Mariota off the field.

The amount of time and effort it must take to follow three different people for an entire NFL season, then seamlessly splice it together like they did has to be exhaustive. Yet, they seem to be up to “running it back” so they can get more moments like this one from Kirk Cousins:

Or the story behind the time the Kansas City Chiefs ran around in a circle right out of the huddle:

I’m still kind of upset that they did that for some reason…

But anyways, the real question is who will be the next three QB’s up to star in the show? Who would you want to see?

Personally, I wouldn’t mind seeing the resurgent Lions quarterback Jared Goff interacting with his charismatic head coach Dan Campbell, or maybe even get to see the passing of the torch in Green Bay now that Aaron Rodgers is gone and see how Jordan Love will handle the pressure of being a starter now.

They’ve got a lot of good options, and based on how they handled everything the first time around exceptionally, I’m sure it’ll be another great season.

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