Massive Python Takes Out A Black Panther In Vintage Video From The 1930s

Panther and a python
Bring 'Em Back Alive

Wild stuff.

Black panthers are as famous as wild animals come, as they are a rare color variation of cat species like leopards, cougars and jaguars. They can be up to 6.5 feet long and weigh as much as 175 pounds.

These cats are skilled predators that hunt for a living like many wild cats. They are fast, strong and athletic with a deadly bite, fast run and sharp claws.

Very little can take them out.

Except maybe pythons… these beasts can be up to 20 feet long and take out things larger than their mouths. They use their colors to blend into their surroundings and attack by surprise, using their size to overpower and constrict their prey.

Pythons and panthers rarely encounter each other, but it can happen.

This vintage video shows what can go down when they do.

From the 1932 movie, Bring ‘Em Back Alive, the film follows well known hunter, exotic animal collector, author and film producer Frank Buck through the jungles of Malaya. Based on a book of the same name, the aim was to detail some of Buck’s wildest adventures while searching for exotic animals across the world.

In this particular scene, a black panther is seen tangling with a tiger, but the two eventually think better of the scrap and part ways. And then, the panther is walking along when out of no where a python strikes out of the tall grass.

The two powerful animals go at it. The black panther fights and fights but the snake is just too large and too powerful for the panther to handle.

The fight only lasts a short while until the massive python gets its body wrapped around the cat and starts to squeeze in. Game over.

Incredible to think that this kind of footage was able to be captured nearly 100 years ago.

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