Brent Cobb’s “Black Crow” Live From Sam Phillips Studio Will Never Get Old

Brent Cobb country music
YouTube/Brent Cobb

A video I could watch ten times a day, every day, and still never get old.

Along that note, though, I will put a disclaimer on this post that I do not think there is much Brent Cobb could do that I would not love.

He is a songwriting mastermind.

One of my favorites from Brent are his 2017 Elektra Sessions at Sam Phillips Studio in Memphis, Tennessee – specifically his cut of “Black Crow.”

Off his album Shine On Rainy Day, “Black Crow” is one of my favorite tracks (also one of the tracks that sold me on Brent Cobb). And dare I say, this studio session might top the studio cut of the song for me.

From the soulful bluesy percussion combined with the long, drawn-out guitar slides and topping this cut off with Cobb’s incredible vocals, the sound of the studio session gives you chills alone.

But, add in the visuals, the way there is a slight grain on the film, and the vintage vibe of the studio gives all of the Memphis blues feels.

The storytelling in “Black Crow” is the final piece of this pie that makes this video exceptional.

While consulting with a black crow sitting on a fence post, a man is coming to terms with his wrongdoings. As the man narrating is about to go to prison, he tries to reconcile with himself to turn his life around.

“I guess I’ll say old crowIt is funny how it goes; I do confessWhat good is freedom outside these wallsIf you’re livin’ dead
I’m gonna pay my duesMake up no excuse like I did beforeMake it right with the LordI told the sheriff soBlack crow, I ain’t a joke no more.”

Brent Cobb is the real deal, and I have loved spending time in the older parts of his discography before his upcoming album release of Southern Star. 

This one will consistently rank high on my favorites of his songs.



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