Megan Moroney Joins Zach Bryan For Electric Performance Of “Revival”

Zach Bryan Megan Moroney country music

The “Revival” guest I have been dreaming of.

At this point in the tour, there’s one thing that Zach Bryan shows attendees can know for certain is going to happen. The last song of the night is “Revival,” and whoever is on the side stage, Bryan will bring out to either sing with him or jam out to the song.

Hell, he even tried to get Joe Rogan out there in Austin a while back.

This weekend, Bryan played at the Festival d’été de Québec in Québec, Canada, alongside other big names like Tenille Townes, The Foo Fighters, Megan Moroney, and others.

Megan Moroney and Zach Bryan graced the same stage hours apart, so it was no surprise that Moroney was brought out during “Revival.”

Moroney takes the lead during part of the song while Zach Bryan runs around the stage, having a blast with his band.

There is no denying this is one hell of a way to close the show. The crowd is always electric, the band is having a damn good time, and the addition of famous faces makes “Revival” the ultimate concert closer.

Megan Moroney being a part of this week’s finale feels like two worlds colliding. With Bryan and Moroney carrying the ability to write some gut-wrenching songs, I can only imagine the chokehold a collaboration would hold over country music fans.

Only time will tell if there is a duet in store.

@hubertcoulombe36 @Megan Moroney singing Revival with the one and only @Zach Bryan at festival d’été de Québec #zachbryan #meganmoroney #revival #feq ♬ son original – Hubert Coulombe

Like I said… electric.

@jenbenxoxo This moment!! #zachbryan #zachbryanmusic #zachbryandoesitbetter #revival #feq #festivaletequebec #festivaletequebec #festivalete #meganmoroney #meganmoroneymusic ♬ original sound – Jenna Reeves

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