Louisiana 4th Graders Rock Out To Luke Combs During Field Trip Bus Ride

Luke Combs country music
David Bergman

They’re raising them right in this small town.

Summer break is in full swing (as I’m sure many of you know) and kids around the country are doing whatever kids do these days to have fun and make their parents’ long for the dreaded first day of school.

While most of the time school is pretty dull, there’s always one big day each year that every kid looks forward too.

Field trip day.

Whether you were heading to some museum or historical site or zoo, the whole day oozes with energy and excitement and BO.

Sometimes the trip itself is awesome, sometimes not so much, but there’s always one part of the day that’s just undoubtedly the best and that is the bus ride.

Doubling up with your friend, being mean to the girl you think is cute, heck maybe even getting a smooch on the cheek if you behave well, it’s just too much for our young brains to handle.

Well, looks like some 4th graders from a small town school in Louisiana added something to the equation: Some good old country music.

In a TikTok posted by their teacher, the kids are seen absolutely screaming along to every word of Luke Combs‘ “She Got The Best Of Me,” which came out when they were all around 3 years old…

Talk about teaching the children what matters. Who needs to memorize the states when you can memorize lyrics?

Luke himself even acknowledged how cool of a moment it was with a comment.

“Bumpin on the field trip?! Love that.” 

Wish I could go back and have another field trip day…

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