Josiah And The Bonnevilles Announce New Album ‘Endurance’ Coming This Year

Josiah and the Bonnevilles country music
Josiah and the Bonnevilles

New music is on the horizon.

Josiah and The Bonnevilles are BACK. Led by frontman Josiah Leming, the Tennessee native combines country music with the sound of songwriters like Bob Dylan. His unique and captivating vocals, combined with gripping lyrics, will have you coming back for more instantly.

While he took a break from making music, 2022 was the year Josiah and the Bonnevilles came back guns blazing, releasing single after single, EP after EP, album after album.

As a wholly independent artist, Josiah has the hustle and drive to make it. Yesterday he teased on Instagram that a big announcement was coming, and with a mixing program pulled up in the back of the video, it alluded to new music coming soon (if you paid attention to the background versus on-screen text).

And today, he took to Instagram to announce an album to be released later this year titled Endurance, along with a letter to fans uncovering the meaning of the project.

“Hello, everyone, 

For the last six months, in the background of everything that’s been goin’ on, I have been working on a full album. It has been so hard not to share with you all the updates as I finished some of my favorite songs I’ve ever written, but I made the decision to work on it quietly in order to make the first news of it this:

It is done, and it is coming this year. 


The album is called ‘Endurance.’ It is about the endurance of family, of love, of pain, and above all the, endurance of hope. 

You all are my hope. You have been my lifeline. You are the reason for all that is happening in my life. I cannot wait to come meet you all. You are the Bonnevilles, now and always.” 

It seems he has been dropping music left and right this year, so adding a fully self-produced album on top of that is beyond impressive. I cannot wait to hear what is in store for Endurance. 

If you aren’t familiar with Josiah and the Bonnevilles, take a second to check out some of their latest tracks.

“Vampire In Appalachia” with Phillip Bowen

“Basic Channels”

“Tennessee Song”

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