Campers Wake Up To The Sound Of A Massive Grizzly Breathing And Feeding Right Outside Their Tent

Bear scares campers

That will wake you up faster than any cup of camp coffee.

I have chills just watching it.

But, this is a reality of camping in remote places… the beasts are always lurking, especially where campers have food.

Bears like easy access to food and most people make it pretty easy. There is a good reason it is recommended to put your food and garbage away anywhere near bear country. That includes using food lockers or even putting it up in a tree in a food bag.

Grizzly bears are known far and wide to be monster animals that are big, fast, powerful and smart. They can reach weights over 1,000 pounds in the most northern areas, where food sources are plentiful.

They are apex predators with nothing out there that hunts them. Although they are known to be ferocious hunters, they are omnivores who actually get most of their diet from plant matter (depending on the region). But they will take any opportunity to take out an animal and get those good calories.

These bears often steer clear of humans, but food will always draw them in.

These campers had a wild wake up when out in their tent.

The video shows a massive grizzly bear right outside the tent. The bear is so close you can hear it breathing and huffing, and the quality of the video is so good (props to the nature photographer) that you almost have to question if the video is even real. I mean, with AI technology these days, who even knows, right?

But as the giant bear rips up vegetation and eats, you can hear every bit of it.

There aren’t too many people that get this close to a grizzly without a scratch at the very least…

What a wild encounter.

A beer bottle on a dock



A beer bottle on a dock