Kat Hasty Pays Tribute To West Texas With New EP ‘Midland’

Kat Hasty country music
Kat Hasty

The long-awaited day is here.

Not one, not two, but three new Kat Hasty songs dropped today on an EP titled Midland. 

At the end of June, we had a chance to chat with Kat, and she not only talked about the upcoming (now released) EP but also touched on the production value of her music.

She cut a few songs in a studio with a full band and all of the bells and whistles, but she notes that it did not sit right with her, like she was not portraying her sound fully with the whole production setup.

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With Midland, Kat noted that it is:

“Just some happy, fun, guitar-pickin’ songs.” 

This EP captures that flawlessly.

With the signature Kat Hasty stripped-back sound we all know and love, the three songs are filled with storytelling and raw relatable lyrics. Hasty has a way of connecting with her fans, eloquently singing honest thoughts that many young adults feel in today’s world.

“Why Do Good People Die” is my favorite off the EP.

The inner monologue-style lyrics talk about family, trying to plan for the future, and love. It is so incredibly raw, and I have had it on repeat all morning.

“Midland” talks about the town in Texas Kat grew up in.

The beginning of the tune shows Hasty’s funny side delivering a note from her brother. Later in the lyrics, you realize he did not want it on the record that he drives a Tacoma—got to love a little sibling embarrassment.

The EP is rounded out with a little love song, “You Get Half.”

The catchy chorus of sharing lottery winnings with your soul mate other will be stuck in your head instantaneously. Hasty dedicated the song to her best friend, giving it added sentimental value.

Kat Hasty has always had a way with words and continues sharing her unbridled talent with fans through her releases.

You can find me listening to this on repeat for the foreseeable future.

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