UFC’s Charles Oliveira Struggling To Learn The “Copperhead Road” Dance Gives Hope To Dudes Everywhere

Charles Oliveira

Is that DoBronxs or Cowboy Cerrone?

Charles Oliveira is maybe the best example of an athlete turning their career around just when everyone thought they knew how it was going to go.

The Brazilian native got off to a hot start in the UFC but pretty quickly began a tough stretch of fights where people thought the jiu jitsu ace didn’t have the mental fortitude to make it at the upper echelon of MMA.

But after a vicious TKO loss by way of Paul Felder’s elbows in 2017, Charles regrouped and ripped off one of the most impressive streaks in the organization’s history, winning 12 straight fights, including the UFC Lightweight Championship in 2021.

This career turn around, along with his fun loving, smooth personality has grown him into an absolute superstar, no doubt one of the most popular fighters in the game currently. Despite losing his title last year, he remains a top contender in the division and continues to eye a rematch with Islam Makhachev at some point soon.

All of that to say, when Charles Oliveira posts something online, it’s must watch TV for no shortage of reasons, and boy was I fired up when I saw this one come up the other day.

Charles was doing some type of show with UFC media personality Nina-Marie Danielle and for one reason or the other, they decided to learn how to line dance. Not the first thing that came to my mind but I ain’t mad at it.

And what song were they getting down to? None other than the line dancing anthem “Copperhead Road”.

Released by Steve Earle in 1988, it quickly became a staple of honky tonks everywhere and is easily his most well known song to this day. It’s sold over a million copies and was made one of the official state songs of Tennessee this April.

Watching this top-of-the-world athlete struggle to get the steps down as the instructor talked them through it really was a breath of fresh air. I mean I don’t know how many times I’ve found myself standing awkwardly on the side of a dance floor trying to get the movements down and the song ending just as I think I’ve got it.

DoBronx is the man, no doubt about it, and him throwing on the cowboy hat and and trying to hit a couple moves to “Copperhead Road” just grows him that much more in my book.

The champ has a name and it’s Charles Oliveira.

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