On This Date: Alan Jackson’s “There Goes” Was Released In 1997

Alan Jackson country music

Alan Jackson is a staple of 90’s country music, and I’d even venture to say that he rarely missed at all in the decade that featured hits like “Chattahoochee,” “Livin’ On Love,” and this timeless classic, “There Goes.”

There’s just something about Jackson’s velvety voice that was meant to sing country music. His vocal ability was on full display with this song, which was released back in July of 1997 as the fourth single from his album Everything I Love.

After debuting at number 58 on the Billboard Hot Country Singles and Tracks chart, the song quickly and impressively made its way to the very top spot in a matter of weeks. “There Goes” also made it to number one on the Canada Country Tracks chart.

What made the song so catchy? Well, Jackson’s talented songwriting certainly helped, and the hook of the chorus was sure to draw people in and have them throw the song on repeat (preferably while sitting on a boat in the middle of the lake, drinking a beer).

The story of the song that Jackson laid out had a man trying to play hard to get with a romantic interest, but her seductiveness and in-ear whispers were no match for the narrator. Was the song based on a true story? Or did Jackson somehow spin up country music gold in his imagination?

Either way, the song’s lyrics get stuck in your head like a catchy commercial jingle. Thanks to this article, you’ll now be fighting to not sing or hum the chorus of the Alan Jackson classic:

“Well I think you’re playin’ with me darlin’
You like to see what you can do
Well I should be fishin’ for Blue Marlin
Instead of bein’ hooked by again by you

But there goes your paralyzin’ eyes
There goes your tantalizin’ smile
There goes my act of playin’ it cool
And there go the words I meant to say
There go the games I wanted to play
There goes my heart fallin’ for you”

And there goes me putting this song on repeat for the next couple of hours.


A beer bottle on a dock



A beer bottle on a dock