Osprey Works Hard To Take Off With Large Fish But Loses The Battle

Osprey trying to lift a fish
Sam Rino

What a tough creature. There’s just no quit in that bird.

Ospreys are raptors that are known far and wide for their excellent fishing skills. These predators soar high, or perch in a high tree and wait for a target. When they lock on, it’s pretty much game over.

They are known for fishing and almost exclusively live off of fish. They lock onto their target and dive and speeds over 40 miles per hour as they hammer their prey. Their razor-sharp talons grip the fish while their feet act as barbs to hold onto the slippery skin.

They only issue they ever really have is if they catch something that is too big. Then, they still won’t give up and will hold on and fight to get their catch in.

Just like this guy here.

The osprey is seen taking back off with its catch, except it just can’t get up, the fish is too big. It gets up a few feet but goes right back into the river with the heavy fish. The osprey makes sure to stay afloat and takes flight at the right time, struggling yet again and hitting the water.

Finally, the osprey knowns it’s him or the fish, and makes the decision to find another meal.

Wildlife photographer Sam Rino details the scene:

“The determination and work ethic of ospreys are an incredible lesson for life! This male osprey gave it all he had but came up short! The fish was just too heavy. But he didn’t just go in the corner and pouted “why me “… he just went back into the air and started hunting again… successfully I might add! Incredible birds… truly one of my favorites, if not my favorite.”

Sometimes, the fish is just to big for the gear you’re working with.

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