New York Jets Wide Receiver Allen Lazard Disrespected Luke Combs & Taylor Swift, And Aaron Rodgers Called Him Out

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If you are wanting to know how to make some country music fan enemies, saying you aren’t a huge fan of Luke Combs‘ music will make you public enemy number one pretty quickly.

Former Green Bay Packer and now New York Jet Allen Lazard didn’t exactly say he disliked Combs, but he didn’t treat him very kindly on his top 5 artists list. The Jets social media team had the talented wide receiver sit down for a little media engagement, where Lazard was given five artists and had to rank them in order.

But here’s the catch: They gave the artists to him one by one and not all at once, so Lazard was forced to predict some things and also make some other tough calls on the fly.

He first got Adele, then Post Malone, followed by Taylor Swift. Lazard put Adele in the 3rd spot, Post Malone went quickly to the 4th position, and the former Packer made a huge mistake by putting Taylor Swift in last (good luck with the Swifties Lazard).

The football player then moves on to reveal Drake, who he puts at the number one spot without hesitation. Putting the rapper at one only left the number two ranked spot open, and when he got to his last artist and it was Luke Combs, he initially put him at two “by default.”

He then moves Combs down to three and pushes Adele up a spot, saying:

“Maybe I’d switch Adele and Luke Combs, I’m not too big of a country person. But Luke Combs definitely has that voice, so I do love his music, I’m just not the biggest country guy.”

So Lazard didn’t exactly bad mouth Luke Combs, but he didn’t give the country music genre too much love. The New York Jets sent out the video with a caption checking in on what their quarterback and longtime Lazard teammate Aaron Rodgers thought about it:

“Aaron Rodgers, what do we think of this ranking by Allen Lazard?”

Aaron Rodgers apparently wasn’t too busy with his offseason endeavors and shot back a post, seemingly defending Luke Combs (and eviscerating Lazard) by saying:

“Love Allen, awesome guy, but Allen doesn’t know music. Or fashion.”

Aaron Rodgers utilized the hashtag “#NoBurn,” but that definitely seemed like a burn of his beloved wide receiver to me. Sounds like you should’ve showed country music some love Allen, then you wouldn’t have had Rodgers come in and embarrass you.

By the way, the NFL season returns in 62 days, for those that are counting…

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