Miles Miller Drops Debut Album, ‘Solid Gold’

Miles Miller country music
Justin Cook

There’s been a ton of hype surrounding Miles Miller over the past few months.

The Kentucky native has built a name for himself as the drummer for Sturgill Simpson over the past several years, but back in February, he announced that he was officially embarking on a solo career, as his debut album Solid Gold was in the works.

Thus far, Miller has released a number of stellar singles such as the title track, “Highway Shoes,” and “A Feeling Called Lonesome.”

But, the man officially dropped Solid Gold today.

Miller reflected on the debut project, saying:

“‘Solid Gold’ is a love story, but about love being around and love leaving.

It’s an entire story essentially about wanting to get back to the love you have, realizing you shouldn’t give it away, to love leaving, hitting the road because of it leaving, feeling love on the road, love from home, to realizing you need to keep walking and wish them well.

It’s an album about the cycle of a love story that crumbles.”

And needless to say, Miller couldn’t have summed it up more perfectly.

The project is filled with deep, personal reflection, compelling storytelling, and fantastic production.

Here are a few of my favorites:

“Highway Shoes”

“Passed Midnight”

“My Sanity”

“Where Daniel Stood”


1. Solid Gold
2. Don’t Give Away Love
3. Passed Midnight
4. A Feeling Called Lonesome
5. In A Daze
6. My Sanity
7. Highway Shoes
8. Where Daniel Stood
9. Even If
10. Seeing Clear
11. Always November
12. I Wish
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