Luke Combs Has An Insane Watch Collection

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BIG watch guy.

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to know that Luke Combs has made a ton of money throughout his relatively short career.

I mean c’mon, we’re talking about arguably the most famous name in mainstream country music at the moment, one who has hammered out 16 career #1 singles in less than 7 years.

Packing football stadiums on the regular, and even breaking records at Nashville’s own Nissan Stadium, impressive doesn’t even begin to describe Luke’s career so far.

And aside from the quality of the music, I really think part of Luke’s success is due to the fact that he’s genuine, likable, good-hearted dude who seems as down to Earth as anybody in country music.

However, his watch collection appears to be almost as impressive as his country music career.

A while back, Luke shared that he bought his first Rolex ahead of playing Madison Square Garden for the first time, a tradition he wanted to carry on in honor of his grandfather who bought one when he became the GM of the mill he worked at.

But it seems like Luke didn’t stop at just one watch.

TikTok influencer Chad Alexander broke it all down for us, listing a number of the slick (and expensive) watches Combs owns (or at least has worn), and just how much they cost.

First off, he lists the factory set diamond and sapphire Rolex Yacht Master that’s listed at nearly $180,000.

Second, he lists Combs’ yellow gold Rolex Yacht Master that’s around $47,000.

Third, Alexander lists Combs’ A. Lange & Sohne that’s a whopping $95,000.

Next, he shows a picture of Combs and Ed Sheeran shotgunning a beer, with his Rolex GMT -Master II that is around $50,000.

He also shows an LM Perpetual YG watch that will cost you $188,000.

And as far as one of Combs’ cheaper watches, he shows a Shinola that’s $1,500.

He also has another Rolex that’s nearly $36,000.

I mean SHEESH… that’s one hell of a collection. One that costs more than most homes.

But hey, if anybody has earned it in this business, it’s Luke Combs.

Check out the full video here:

Rolex Gave Luke Combs The “Pretty Woman” Treatment

If you’ve ever seen Pretty Woman, the 1990 rom-com starring Richard Gere and Julia Roberts, you remember the scene where Julia’s character (a prostitute) walks into that fancy Rodeo Drive shop in Beverly Hills and gets dismissed by the staff who assume she can’t afford to shop there.

It’s a classic scene from a classic movie, but it carries with it a very important message, both for people in everyday life, and people who own businesses.

NEVER assume that someone can’t afford to shop in your store, or eat at your restaurant, whatever… based on what they look like.

But the larger, more applicable message is one we’ve all heard before… never judge a book by its cover.

And believe it or not, that very same thing happened to Luke Combs when he was trying to buy a Rolex in New York City a couple years ago.

The staff at the ol’ watch shop gave him the ol’ Pretty Woman treatment.

In an interview with iHeart, Luke recalled the time he went to pickup his first Rolex, a gesture to follow in the footsteps of his grandfather, and the staff iced him.

“My grandfather had one, and he started out working in the mill and eventually became the GM of the mill, and was very proud of achieving that, that was his goal.

So he felt like he could afford one and went and got one… so I kind of wanted to do the same thing.”

So meanwhile in New York City,

“I was about to play Madison Square Garden with Aldean and the lady told me at the store, I asked for this specific model of watch and she was like, ‘oh, well you can’t just get those.’

And I was like, ‘isn’t this a store that sells those?’

And she was like, ‘yeah, but a lot of people want those.’

And I said, ‘Yeah, I know, that’s why I’m here…’

Obviously, she saw country boy like Luke stroll in there with his trucker cap and a perhaps a signature PFG fishing shirt and thought there was no way in a million years he would be able to afford a Rolex.

And granted, it’s not like you can walk into any Rolex authorized dealer and expect them to always have what you want on hand, but that doesn’t quite seem like the case here.

But Luke, being the kind and gracious dude that is, calmly explained that he was about to play a sold-out Madison Square Garden that night and would really like to have one that particular Rolex on his wrist when he did.

“So I told her, ‘it’s fine, I can go get it somewhere else.

I’m playing Madison Square Garden tonight and I really wanted to wear it on stage.'”

Naturally, she changed her tune… and managed to “find one in the back” for Luke to purchase.

A funny, kind of shitty story, that ultimately had a happy ending. Luke got the Rolex he wanted, and carried on the family tradition.

Remember though… never judge a book by its cover people… you just might be talking to the biggest thing in country music.

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