Woman Nearly Kicks Elk In The Head… Lucky She Didn’t Get Kicked Herself

Elk idiot
Tourons Of National Parks

Please, stop it…

This is just silly, and not even funny? Entertaining? Cool? Not sure what she was even going for with this stunt.

Let’s put ourselves in danger and then do something to possibly make the animal mad… great idea.

Elk are massive. They are the second largest members of the deer family, weighing up to 1,000 pounds.

The stand up to 5.5 feet at the shoulder. Surely, large enough to stand up and kick you in the head.

Elk are usually fine with people unless approached and put in a situation where they feel threatened. The thing is, if they do get mad, they are huge and can ruin your day quickly.

This woman is seen getting a selfie video with the elk. Waving happily, oblivious to the reality.

She then kicks her leg up above her head, nearly booting the elk in the jaw.

The cow steps back with an angry face on, but thankfully, she doesn’t retaliate.

C’mon people… be better.

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