The Steel Woods Announce Forthcoming Album ‘On Your Time,’ Release Single “If Not For The Rain”

Steel Woods
Cole Creasy

I have been waiting for new music from The Steel Woods since their 2021 album release. Given they just released their 2023 fall tour dates, I had speculation we were close to an announcement, and the day has finally come.

Today the southern rock band announced their fourth studio album, On Your Time, slated for an October 6th release, accompanied by the release of a new single, “If Not For The Rain.”

“If Not For The Rain” is everything I hoped for and a little more.

“This is a song I wrote with Taylor McCall in between recording sessions for this record. It was the first time I’ve ever written with him.

As a band, we have seen our fair share of stormy weather and now have a new-found perspective and appreciation for the journey ahead.”

Said frontman, Wes Bayliss.

The slow ballot carries a profound message about depression, sorrow, and battling with dark thoughts. But the chorus notes that because of the bad days make you appreciate the good ones a little more and remind you why you are still here.

“If not for the rain
I wouldn’t notice the blue skies
If not for the sunshine
I wouldn’t care for the shade
If not for the valley and all of this pain
The top of the mountain would seem just the same
Yeah, I wouldn’t know a good day if not for the rain.”

Upon seeing the single release, I immediately noticed similarities between the cover and album artwork for their 2017 album Straw In The Wind.

This album not only featured the hit “Let The Rain Come Down” but also features the phenomenal guitar work from the late Jason “Rowdy” Cope. Cope was the guitarist and co-founder of the group that tragically passed in 2021.

I have speculations that this could be a nod to him, given their Instagram caption, the heavy lyrics, and the similarities in wordplay and album artwork.

The group noted that in the curation of the forthcoming album, they poured their heart into finding lyrics that reflected the resilience, growth, and spirit that they have found over the past two years.

You can undoubtedly see that messaging with the first single release from the album.

“The days will get longer, and we’ll just get stronger
For what we’ve been through in the end
It’s part of the race, no matter the place
The sun’s gonna shine again.”

I am stoked to see what is in store for the rest of On Your Time and look forward to hearing additional singles leading up to the album’s release.

Here is the track list for On Your Time. 

1. The Man From Everywhere
2. Cut the Grass
3. Devil in This Holler
4. Famine Fortune
5. On Your Time
6. You Don’t Even Who Who I Am
7. Border Lord
8. Stories to Tell to Myself
9. Broken Down Dam
10. If Not for the Rain

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