NHL Draft Pick Will Smith’s Sister Takes A Slap To The Face On Live TV… Played It Off Perfectly

NHL draft

Get you a woman that can take a hit.

No, I’m not talking about fist fights, I’m talking about a woman that can take an accidental smack straight to the shnoz and act like nothing ever happened.

That’s exactly what happened recently during the NHL Draft last night. It all went down when Will Smith was taken number four overall to the San Jose Sharks.

As you can imagine, the Smith family and his friends were ecstatic to see their loved one and best friend embark on his new career as a professional hockey player.

In fact, one of Smith’s friends was so excited he immediately went for the dap and hug, and needless to say, it caught Smith’s sister, Emma, off guard…

Because as she was looking on, she took an open hand to the face.

Not gonna lie, it probably would’ve been enough to make a grown man like me tear up a little, although I would’ve played it as cool as possible.

However, Emma didn’t even hardly flinch, and just continued on by celebrating her brother.

That’s what we like to call in my neck of the woods toughness and grit. To take a quick shot like that to the face on live TV? And play it off that cool?

That’s pretty impressive, I must say.

Check it out:

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