Woman Battles One Pissed Off Mama As She Hilariously Tries To Get Baby Raccoons Out Of Her House

Baby raccoons

I’ll admit, I’m not a big raccoon guy.

Call me crazy, but I’m fully convinced that all these creatures are good for is absolutely destroying your trash, and wreaking havoc on your front porch to the point you have to chase them off with a broomstick…

And THEN… you have to hope they don’t attack you and send you to the hospital for a half dozen rabies shots.

So, after watching this video with that mindset, I’m now 100% convinced that raccoons are of the devil (even though I did laugh quite a bit while watching this one).

TikTok user madisonrobinson posted a video of her sister’s friend doing her best to get a a couple baby raccoons out of her house, after they managed to get in through a hole in her screen.

Only problem was that mama raccoon was PISSED that she was in the room with her babies, even though the woman was kindly just trying to get them back outside.

Things take a QUICK turn for the worse when the woman began to try and help the first cub get out.

The mama quickly becomes standoffish, and lunges at the woman. Nevertheless, the first cub gets out safely.

But, when the woman begins to help the second cub get out, the mama gets REALLY pissed.

The mama raccoon lunges at the woman once again, but much more violently this time. Once the second cub gets out, the woman tries to shut the window, but the mama proceeds to bite the woman square on the hand and hiss at her.

As she continues to try to shut the window, the mama stands in the way and keeps lunging and hissing at her.

You can hear the woman say what we’d all probably be thinking if we were in her shoes:

“That’s it there’s only two… You d*ck.”

Talk about a nightmare. Well, a nightmare for her… I found the video wildly hilarious.

Although, she adds that she needed to get six rabies shots after the bite so I guess I do feel bad for her.

Check it out:

@madisonrobinson6 My sisters friend was trying to help these raccoons that got into her house and ended up getting attacked 😂😂😂😂 6 rabis shots later… funniest video ever #fyp #raccoonsoftiktok ♬ original sound – madisonrobinson

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