You’ve Never Known How Small Baby Hummingbirds Are Until You’ve Seen This Video

Pastor Evaldo da Luz

Hummingbirds are some of the most interesting creatures on the planet.

Why is that you might ask? Well as Leslie Knope once said on Parks and Recreation:

“Scientifically hummingbirds are the world’s cutest animals.

I mean they’re so small, they have tiny beaks and they only eat sugar water. I mean what beats that?”


There’s just something about hummingbirds that don’t make sense, but that is why they are so intriguing. Just take in some of these fun facts about the world’s smallest bird, courtesy of Kaytee:

-Out of all migrating birds, they are the smallest, and have been known to travel up to 500 miles by themselves

-Hummingbirds are the only species of bird that can fly backwards

-The little flying things have no sense of smell, so they have to depend on their heightened sense of sight

-On average, hummingbirds weigh less than a nickel

-Hummingbirds do have legs, but they cannot use them to hop or walk. They can only use them to perch, or move sideways

-Due to the tremendous amount of calories they burn flying, they consume double their body weight everyday

So there, now you can officially say that you learned something today. And as we move on to this video, you still have one thing left to take away from the world’s smallest bird: their incredibly tiny offspring.

Up until this video, I had never seen a video or even a picture of baby hummingbirds. I’m not sure what I thought they would look like, and even though it makes sense that they would look this small, for some reason it is still shocking to see.

The video shows the scale of the hummingbird’s offspring and a human hand, and the babies can’t be bigger than a finger nail. The mother hummingbird feeds her young in one of the smallest bird nests you’ll ever see. I’m assuming that this hummingbird is living in captivity being that it is so comfortable with the human being so close to the nest.

All in the all though, it’s incredible to see the hummingbird take care of its small babies in a nest that can’t be bigger than egg. Take a look:

A beer bottle on a dock



A beer bottle on a dock