Comedian Bill Burr Joined The Boston Red Sox Broadcast Booth Tonight & Twitter Is LOVING It

Bill Burr

On the modern day list of the world’s best comedians, Bill Burr has to be somewhere near the top.

His angry antics and brutally-honest commentary have made for quite the successful career, and if he ever wanted to hang it up with stand-up comedy, it looks like fans would love for him to try out broadcasting.

Burr joined in on the Boston Red Sox broadcast as they take on the Minnesota Twins, and the reviews so far have been extremely positive. NESN’s Twitter account posted a video earlier of Bill entering into the booth, with him excitingly saying in his Boston accent:

“Let’s do it. I’m keeping score.”

Bill Burr is currently touring the country on a stand-up comedy tour, and apparently worked this stop to help call the baseball game into his schedule. He might seem like a pretty busy guy, but he said during the broadcast that he “had nothing else better to do.”

He also hinted that his wife was happy to get him out of the house in the clip below:

One of the clips from early on had Burr poking fun at the “analytics” part of baseball that has increased in popularity over the past decade or so, with him asking a statistical question then saying:

“There’s gotta be some nerd here with a laptop that could give us an answer.”

And he also voiced his concern about the Yankees still showing clips from when they beat the Red Sox in 2004, even though the Boston team pulled off a historic comeback in the world series, coming back from a 3 to 1 deficit:

The Boston Red Sox might be onto something here.

Baseball is struggling with ratings and getting younger demographics to watch? Just put a comedian or a celebrity in the booth for the whole game and watch the viewership numbers soar.

Twitter users (both Red Sox fans and casual sports fan alike) are loving the fact that Bill Burr is the third man in the broadcast booth, and they are hoping that the comedian stopping by becomes a more regular thing:


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