Deion Sanders, Head Football Coach Of University Of Colorado, Faces Potential Foot Amputation

Coach Prime
Thee Pregame Show

An update on Deion Sanders.

The head coach for the University of Colorado Boulder’s football team is facing some serious medical issues with his foot, which could lead to having his left foot amputated.

Sanders has been facing issues with this foot for quite some time now, first occurring when coaching at Jackson State. Blood flow problems due to blood clots moving down his leg from his calf led Sanders to get two toes amputated in 2021. The procedure occurred mid-season, forcing him to miss three games.

The amputation of those two toes did not fully solve the issue, causing Sanders ongoing pain, especially when he has to wear shoes for an extended amount of time.

A recent video from Thee Pregame Show’s YouTube channel features conversations between Sanders and medical staff discussing treatment options and potential action plans.

The vascular surgeon, Donald Jacobs, candidly told Sanders that:

“You have to understand what the risks are. Things can cascade.”

To which Deion Sanders noted he understood what the risks were; he had already lost toes.

A second vascular surgeon in the room, Max Wahlauer, noted earlier in the conversation that his foot had deteriorated since the initial amputations. His blood pressure in his ankle was normal at the time of that procedure (100% function), but now it is only operating at 66%, noting that his arteries are shutting down, putting his body under stress.

Sanders then chimes in that he has no feeling in the bottom of his foot and wants to get a game plan together now to take action during the summer.

With this being the only downtime Sanders has before recruitment starts up and not to mention having the players back on campus gearing up for the season, his time to step away for treatment is now.

While no medical plan was formed on the video, the discussion moved towards attempting to amputate another toe and reopening arteries before doing a complete foot amputation.

Regardless plan of action, we hope that Coach Prime has a successful recovery and is back on the field this fall, ready to coach.

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