Coyote Tries To Chomp Down On Bird But Only Comes Away With A Feather In Intense, Slow-Motion Video

Coyote Chomp

If you add in the cartoon frolic music, this could be a live action Looney Tunes clip.

The positioning of the camera along with the slow motion effect on the video gives an incredible perspective of the close encounter. A flock of unsuspecting birds were gathered around some water when a coyote got a jump on them.

Quickly sprinting through the dirt, the wild animal had already spooked many of the flock, but there was one of birds who didn’t get the “fly away” memo. Strangely enough, the bird was actually facing the direction of the incoming coyote and still somehow didn’t think to preemptively utilize its wings to get the hell out of dodge.

In a literal last second attempt, the bird finally starts to lift up into the air. The coyote is already hot on its trail at this point, quickly adapting to the hunt and shifting from full sprint to quick-twitch jump. Things look pretty bad for the bird as the coyote rises up off the ground with its mouth wide open and teeth ready to bite down.

If the bird would have left the ground just a millisecond later, it would have been dead meat. However, the bird somehow perfectly times up the flapping of its wings, narrowly gliding its right wing through the open jaw of the coyote.

The wild animal quickly snaps its mouth shut, and the video, just for a moment, makes it appear that the coyote successfully caught the bird. Even the coyote thinks it has captured its next meal, until it realizes that it only came away with a feather.

The look on the coyote’s face is priceless as it watches the bird fly away with one of its feathers hanging out of its mouth. Just like it goes down in the cartoon, Wile E. Coyote thought he had it all planned out, only to have his plan ruined by a lucky bird.

Check it out:

Users on Twitter could barely believe the close call and filled up the replies underneath the tweet with hilarious commentary:

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