Stephen A. Smith Interested In ‘Wheel Of Fortune’ Hosting Gig: “I Want To Throw My Name In The Hat”

Stephen A SMith
The Stephen A Smith Show

ESPN’s Stephen A. Smith will stop at nothing until he is on every single television in every single place for every single second of the day.

Pat Sajak took to Twitter earlier this week to announce that this upcoming season of Wheel of Fortune will be his last, and of course everyone is now talking about who will step in to fill the role that the longtime gameshow host held for 40 years.

And because Stephen A. likes to fill every hour of his day in front of a camera, the sports analyst decided to verbally throw his name in the running on an episode of The Stephen A. Smith Show.

Smith first gave Sajak his flowers, but then emphatically showed his interest in the position opening up soon:

“Pat Sajak, major, major props to him. He’s the host of the famous show Wheel of Fortune, that he’s been doing for 40 years. He’s announced that this will be his last season.

He’s going to retire. He’s made that show household. My mother loved Wheel of Fortune. Loved Wheel of Fortune. She really, really did. And so did I.

I want to throw my name in the hat!”

Of  course he does…

How could Stephen A. Smith, who seems to be hosting upwards of 10 programs, podcasts, and pre-game/post-game shows, possibly have time to also host one of the most beloved gameshows in the history of television?

Well, if you weren’t aware of the cushy job schedule Pat Sajak is walking away from, let me enlighten you. When he was hosting the show, he worked four days a month for a total of 9 months out of the year.

That means that Pat was working a whopping 36 days out of the year for a salary of $15 million dollars. Sorry Whiskey Riff, but I would like to throw my name in the hat for the Wheel of Fortune job as well.

So Stephen A. could probably work that schedule into his already hectic life, which he elaborated on as he continued:

“I ain’t trying to give up my day job. I ain’t trying to give up my podcast. But I gotta tell you, if Wheel of Fortune called to ask me to host for a couple of days, I wouldn’t mind.

I wouldn’t mind hosting that show while folks try to figure out what those letters mean, and what it equates to.”

Yeah, how hard could it really be?

And you can’t talk about Wheel of Fortune and Pat Sajak without mentioning the longtime letter-turner on the show: Vanna White. After reports that Sajak would be walking away, there were some fans hoping that she could step into the role of the main gameshow host.

However, as Smith explains, there are reports that she too might be on her way out (whether she likes it or not), and he went ahead and gave some possible replacements for her as well if he were to land the hosting job:

“Vanna White, according to reports, she thinks that she’s going to be on the way out the door too, but that’s not a negative. Vanna, you’re synonymous with Pat Sajak. It’s okay.

If it were me hosting it, you know, I like Vanna a lot, but I wouldn’t mind Meagan Good turning those letters. Or Sanaa Lathan turning those letters. Wouldn’t bother me. 

I think they’d get you ratings. I do. They’d have my ratings.”

If you aren’t familiar with his personal choices for co-hosts, here is a picture of Meagan Good:

And for reference, here is a picture of Sanaa Lathan:

Stephen A. Smith continues to show that he always has the ladies on his mind. He recently has gone viral for ogling sports illustrated models and giving questionable commentary about breastmilk.

But anyways, here is the clip from Stephen A’s podcast where he officially announced to the world that he should be the next host of Wheel of Fortune:

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