MASSIVE Montana Grizzly Bear Tears Up Shed While Scratching His Back

Grizzly bear in Alaska
Jamie Goguen

Would not want to have a run-in with this grizzly.

The other day a woman captured an absolutely massive grizzly bear cozying up to the generator shed behind her house.

While the shed is not the same height as an average house, creating a mildly deceiving visual effect, there is no doubt this bear is well-fed. Or an animal that I’d definitely wouldn’t want to pass on a trail.

“Our old generator storage structure on Montana’s eastern front has become Brutus’s personal scratch tree.

Then he took a nap.”

Brutus is the perfect name for a bear of this stature.

Users in the comments started combining brain power to see how large this bear was. While many were guessing a 500-600 pound male, they still seem to be underestimating even the average size of a male grizzly,

An average male grizzly bear has a stature of roughly seven feet and weighs about 500 pounds, with many larger specimens getting up around 700 or 800 pounds. The biggest ones ever recorded exceed 1,000 pounds. Females, on the other hand, are much smaller, weighing in at around 250-350 pounds on average.

Given that this generator shed has a vaulted roof, I guess it is at least five feet tall, making Brutus significantly taller when he is fully standing next to it.

Leading me to believe that he is at least the size of an average fully-grown male, which makes Brutus weigh around 800 pounds.

You think Brutus looks big? He’s got nothing on the largest grizzly ever recorded.

Captured in Alaska, the largest grizzly on record stood over ten feet tall and weighed a massive 1,600 pounds. Genetics played a considerable role in this grizzly growing so large. Still, the plentiful food sources in Alaska ensured that this grizzly never went hungry (and probably contributed to a few extra pounds).

Even if Brutus doesn’t come close to the size of the largest grizzly, I’d be more than happy to let him use my shed as a back scratcher…. as long as it is far away from me.

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