Chris Stapleton Stops Show In Massachusetts, Tells Fighting Fan To “Get The Hell Out”

Chris Stapleton country music
C Schieffer/Twitter

Chris Stapleton and his wife Morgane have five kids of their own.

So they know when it’s time to go into parenting mode and lay down the law.

And that’s just what the couple did during a recent show at the Xfinity Center in Mansfield, Massachusetts when fans started getting a little too rowdy.

Video shows Chris stopping the show as he surveyed the scene, with his wife Morgane pointing out the troublemakers:

“This is silly.”

Chris then proceeds to set them straight – and promptly have them removed from the show:

“These people paid good money to have a good time. You did too.

If this is what you think is a good time, get the hell out.”

A follow-up video does indeed show the man being escorted out of the concert as Chris starts the song over. And ironically, the song he was playing when all this happened was “Starting Over.”

There are some artists that you just expect to see this from. Cody Johnson is known for running a tight ship at his shows and has no problem jumping in when things get out of control. And even Zach Bryan recently kicked out a fan who tried to yank his guitar right out of his hands as he was exiting the stage.

But Chris Stapleton is generally a pretty mild-mannered, soft-spoken dude. So for him to feel the need to stop his show and call somebody out personally, you’ve gotta imagine that’s what it feels like when your parent tells you that they’re disappointed in you.

I guess in this case what Chris was saying was…You Should Probably Leave.

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