Lukas Nelson And Sierra Ferrell Team Up For Stunning Cover Of Buck Owens’ “Cryin’ Time”

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Inject this directly into my veins, please…

Lukas Nelson and Sierra Ferrell teamed up for a beautiful rendition of Buck Owens’ “Cryin’ Time,” which featured Lukas playing the keys as the two went back and forth on different verses of the song.

Owens originally wrote and recorded “Cryin’ Time” in 1964, but it failed to do much or even chart at country radio.

It was made most famous by Ray Charles a couple years later, though, when his version of “Cryin’ Time” peaked at #6 on the U.S. Billboard Hot 100 chart in February of 1966.

Charles’ version also won two Grammy Awards in the Best R&B Recording and Best R&B Solo Performance categories in 1967.

It has since been covered many times throughout the decades, but goodness gracious if Lukas and Sierra don’t sound absolutely impeccable here.

Sierra shared the video of their perfomance on Instagram, and it’s absolutely spectacular. Their voices both have an almost vintage-sounding tone and just sound perfect together:

“Thankful for singing songs with friends and enjoying the warm feeling of harmonies.

Hope to sing again soon Lukas. ‘Crying Time’-Buck Owens.”

I’m going to need to hear and see a lot more from these two, and at the very least, I need a full studio version of this cover… I can’t get enough:

“Cryin’ Time”

The Ray Charles version:

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