Lainey Wilson Opens Up On Keeping Her Boyfriend, Duck Hodges, A Secret For Over Two Years: “I Made That Boy Wait”

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I have not moved on from the night of the ACMs when Lainey Wilson stepped out on the red carpet with a mystery man.

Who is this man?

Devlin “Duck” Hodges, former NFL quarterback for the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Wilson had fans going into a deep dive when she stepped out on the ACM red carpet with this man, making their first public appearance together after some flirtatious comments on Instagram – and after Lainey was seen wearing his jersey during a recent show in Pittsburgh.

Lainey recently sat down with Katie Neal, host of the Katie & Company podcast and radio show, chatting in detail about her relationship with Hodges for the first time.

“Yeah, I keep it private…but I’ve kept him private for two and a half years now. 

I made that boy WAIT.”

Neal responds to Wilson in disbelief that she could keep her relationship out of the public eye for that long.

“I just kept it close to my chest, and I share a lot of my life with the world, and this was one thing that means a whole lot to me. I want to be very careful with it.

I did feel like, okay, this is time to share with the world…not too much. But I wanted to share with them my biggest cheerleader, my biggest champion.

You know, the person I get to go home to once or twice a year.”

Lainey Wilson then says that she felt like she had known him her whole life during their first date, immediately hitting it off.

“We went dancing at this place called Silverados. It’s free beer and wine from five to ten.” 

Sounds like a very memorable first date.

Throughout the rest of the clip, Wilson continues to gush about how good of a guy Hodges is and that he would never come between her and her music. She notes that he knows what it is like to have a dream coming from the NFL, and he supports her fully while she makes her dream a reality.

As someone who loves love, this warms my heart.

Not to mention, it’s pretty impressive that Wilson could hold this relationship close to her chest as long as she did, given her stardom.

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