Idiot Tourist Taunts Brown Bear, Turns His Back And Gets Charged Point Blank

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Sometimes you get what you deserve.

Wildlife tends to put people in their place more often than not. A brown bear ain’t no joke and will ruin your day in flash.

People need to realize that you’re not just bugging the animal but also putting yourself in harm’s way. No video or picture is worth a bear claw down the back.

Brown bears are trained killers in nature. They are massive creatures that can weigh as much as 1,500 pounds while standing up to 10 feet tall. They have sharp claws and one of the most powerful bites in  the world to top it off.

These beasts are omnivores and will eat just about anything from grass to moose or even your garbage. And the bears are no stranger to fights, often battling with their own kind to establish territory and mating rights.

So why on earth would any person think it’s a good idea to get right in front of an animal that will take down a moose and fight another killer like this? It just doesn’t seem smart.

Yet, time and time again it happens and here we are again.

This man is seen walking up to brown bear in Russia. The bear just stares back as the man holds out his hand as if it is a dog.

He tries to entice the bear to be his friend and chuckles as he throws little rocks towards it. The man stands up, turns to the camera and in a flash the bear takes off toward him.

The man panics and starts to run, getting away just in time.

Too close for comfort. Don’t be this guy, we don’t want to see someone get mauled by one of these amazing creatures.

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