I Asked ChatGPT To Write Some Bro-Country Songs And The Results Were Hilariously Spot On

Florida Georgia Line country music
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Does this mean I can have my own bar in Nashville now?

Obviously AI and programs like ChatGPT are the way of the future.

AI is already being used by some websites to write their content (not Whiskey Riff though, because we’re better than that), and it’s even being used by lawyers to write up court filings – which got a couple of attorneys in New York in trouble when they cited to fake cases that were made up by ChatGPT.

But what I really wanted to know: Can ChatGPT write a song?

I decided to play around with the most popular AI chatbot and see if together, we could write a hit bro-country song. And the results sound like something straight off of a Florida Georgia Line album.

Obviously country music took a lot of (well-deserved) criticism during the bro-country era for all being formulaic songs about dirt roads, pickup trucks, cold beer, moonshine, your girl in the passenger seat…so it can’t be that hard to write a bro-country song, right?

“Bro-Country Anthem”

Well for our first songwriting session, I decided to keep it simple and just ask ChatGPT to write a bro-country song, and it came up with the (future) hit that it titled “Bro-Country Anthem.” (The title might need some work, but if “Dirt Road Anthem” can be such a massive hit then maybe we should just go with it).

The lyrics hit on pretty much every bro-country trend from the mid-2010s:

“I wake up in the morning, throw on my boots and hat,
Head out to the pickup truck, ready to hit the dirt track.
Got my buddies by my side, cold beer in the back,
We’re gonna raise some hell, leave a trail of dust in our tracks.

We’re country boys, livin’ loud and proud,
Chasin’ good times, just like a thundercloud.
With our trucks, our girls, and a six-string guitar,
We’re the kings of the south, ain’t nothin’ gonna tear us apart.

We’re singin’ hey, hey, hey, country all the way,
Cruisin’ down the backroads, just livin’ for today.
With the radio up, and the moonshine flowin’ free,
We’re the heart and soul of bro-country, wild and free”

Dirt roads? Cold beer? Pickup trucks? Moonshine? Girls in the passenger seat? Are we sure this song didn’t come out of a writer’s room in Nashville back in 2015?

“Country Road Anthem”

Well with some success already under our belt, I decided to get a little more specific and ask my songwriting partner to write a song specifically in the style of one of the most successful bands of the bro-country era, Florida Georgia Line.

And with that, we got “Country Road Anthem.”

“Cruisin’ down the highway, windows rolled down low
A summer breeze is blowin’, lettin’ our worries go
With a cold one in the cup holder, and my baby by my side
We’re living in the moment, on this wild ride

We ain’t got a care in the world, just the open road ahead
Chasin’ dreams like wild horses, ain’t nothin’ holdin’ us back
We’ll keep pushin’ through the hard times, and cherish every mile
‘Cause this life is a gift, and we’re gonna live it with a smile

We’re singin’ like we’re on a country radio station
Dancin’ in the moonlight, makin’ our own creation
With a twang in our voices, and a fire in our souls
We’re the modern-day cowboys, rockin’ out with heart and soul”

Tell me you can’t smell the Axe body spray and smell the Fireball when you read those lyrics. If FGL would ever decide to put out a comeback album, this could be their first hit and nobody would know the difference.

“Country Rebel Freedom”

Ok, we were two for two. But let’s see if it can write me a song in the style of Luke Bryan. Here’s the song it called “Country Rebel Freedom.” (Maybe the best of the three titles so far).

“Driving down that old dirt road, dust kickin’ up behind
Got my Chevy truck and a six-pack, a heart that’s feelin’ fine
I’m just a simple country boy, chasing dreams beneath the stars
Where the whiskey flows and the guitar strums, playin’ in smoky bars

I’m just a small-town rebel, livin’ life out on the edge
With my boots on and my hat low, I’m raisin’ hell instead
Got a shotgun in my truck, and a girl by my side
Livin’ free and wild, in this country state of mind

Sippin’ on that sweet tea, on a front porch swing
Watchin’ fireflies light up the night, and the crickets start to sing
I’ve got my daddy’s worn-out guitar, strummin’ melodies of love
And I’m singing ’bout the simple things, the blessings from above”

Nailed it.

At this point I’m convinced this is how all mainstream country songs were written from 2013-2018. It’s just too spot on.

I mean, let’s just look at an ACTUAL Florida Georgia Line song:

“Hammerin’ a nail, stackin’ them balesI’m dog tired by the five o’clock hour but I’m ready to raise some hellAnd Jesse’s gettin’ ready, I’m gassin’ up the ChevyI’m gonna pick her up at six, I hope she’s gonna wearThem jeans with the tear that her mama never fixed

The moon comes up and the sun goes downWe find a little spot on the edge of townTwist off, sip a little, pass it aroundDance in the dust, turn the radio upAnd that Fireball whiskey whispersTemptation in my earIt’s a feelin’ alright Saturday nightAnd that’s how we do it ’round hereYeah, that’s how we do it ’round here”

Are we sure ChatGPT didn’t write that?

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