Rapper Yung Gravy Shoots His Shot With Lainey Wilson: “I Know You Got Some Premium Biscuits”

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Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve probably noticed that Lainey Wilson has been making quite the stir around the internet recently.

And no, it’s not just due to her 4 ACM wins this year, the killer run of music she’s been dropping, the Dolly Parton collaboration in the works, her Hot Country Knights collab, or the Jelly Roll duet that’s blowing up.

You may recall a certain camera angle of a certain performance showing a certain body part of hers making its way online and the internet reacting pretty much how you’d expect…

She took the newfound attention in stride and said she appreciates all the fans that have flocked to her recently, regardless of how they found her, while continuing to stress that the music will always come first. But that hasn’t stopped the attention of some unexpected people from pouring in.

Insert Yung Gravy.

In case you don’t know, that’s the stage name of Matthew Hauri, a rapper from Rochester, Minnesota best known for the hit “Betty.” He recently commented on one of Lainey Wilson’s Tik-Toks saying simply

“I love country”

Lainey took the opportunity to respond to this comment with a pretty hilarious play on the rappers stage name

“And country loves you right back Yung Gravy. You got any biscuits with that gravy?”

Well played.

While it could have ended right there, Mr. Gravy decided now was his chance to try and secure the bag and posted another video, this time turning on the swagger a bit.

“Lainey Wilson, what’s good baby? I know for a fact that the rap community loves you Lainey Wilson.

It’s funny you ask about the biscuits because I actually just ran out and I know you got some premium biscuits, so let’s exchange baby, I got gravy for days.”

Woah mama, he did not hold back on that one…

While Lainey hasn’t answered yet, it’s safe to say he’s in store for some heartbreak when he finds out she’s dating former Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback Devlin “Duck” Hodges

But hey, as Michael Scott quoting Wayne Gretzky once said, you miss 100% of the shots you don’t take… and Yung Gravy really went for it.

@yunggravy #stitch with @laineywilsonmusic ♬ original sound – Yung Gravy 🍯

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