Lainey Wilson Sending “Watermelon Moonshine” To Country Radio As Next Single

Luke Dyson

This is a big ‘ol hit in the making

Lainey Wilson is officially sending “Watermelon Moonshine” to country radio as her next single from her 2022 Bell Bottom Country album.

It quickly became one of my favorites on the tracklist, and it’s easy to draw comparisons to Deana Carter’s 1996 iconic hit “Strawberry Wine” when you hear this song, and if I had to guess, I wouldn’t be surprised at all if Lainey pulled a little inspiration from it.

Co-written by Lainey along with Josh Kear and Jordan Schmidt, she describes how, even though she was way too young to know anything about love, she fell hard for this guy back then and thought it would last forever as “they gave each other more than our hearts.”

But as the title suggests, she needed the help of a little clear liquid from a mason jar to calm her nerves:

“I don’t remember where we got it from
I just remember feelin’ all grown up
Takin’ pulls like it ain’t no thing
Never told him it was my first drink
But I told him that he was the one
You’re so sure when you’re that young…

It’s like the 2023 version of “Strawberry Wine,” and I’m so here for it.

Lainey actually just had two other songs go number one in the last couple months, breaking the record for the shortest gap between #1 song for a female artist in 40 years, so don’t be surprised to see this one become her 3rd straight hit later this year…

“Watermelon Moonshine”

A beer bottle on a dock



A beer bottle on a dock