On This Date: Hank Williams Jr. Released “Dixie On My Mind” In 1981

Hank Williams Jr.

Hank Williams Jr. is pretty well-known for getting rowdy from time to time, and his album titled Rowdy all but confirmed the legend of the country music star. And one of the album’s hit songs, “Dixie on My Mind,” was released on this day in 1981 as the project’s second single.

Hank’s lyrical storytelling ability was in full force with this one, with his writing bringing the song to life and the production aspect taken care of by Jimmy Bowen, who was primarily known to be a producer, but also had experience as a rockabilly singer.

“Dixie on My Mind” quickly shot to number one on the country charts, which marked the fourth time a Bocephus song reached that spot. It stayed at the top of the country chart for one week, then managed to stay on the charts for the next nine weeks.

As mentioned earlier, the rhythm of the tune itself definitely gets the toes tapping, but it’s the story of the song that really pulls you in as you listen. Hank tells the story of moving from the country to the big city and giving urban life a try.

However, Hank doesn’t really see what all the fuss is about in regards to city living and longs for the simpler southern life. Even though he feels that way, the song sets it up as though Hank is stuck there and left to yearn for life below the Dixie line.

The lyrics of the song’s first two verses and chorus sing:

“All the stations up here, they don’t sign off with ‘Dixie’
The way they did in sweet home Alabama.
And the people here don’t sip Jack Daniels whiskey
The way they do in the Tennessee mountain land.

I’d always heard lots about the big apple
So I thought I’d come up here and see.
But all I’ve seen so far is one big hassle
Wish I was camped out on the Okeechobee.

If this is the promised land, I’ve had all I can stand
And I’m headed back below that Dixie line.
No, I just don’t fit in and I’ll never come back again
But I’m busted here and I got Dixie on my mind.
Oh, and I’m stuck up here and I got Dixie on my mind.”

I’m sure the song can really hit home for those that grew up in the country and have moved into the city. It can also hit hard if you just love Hank Williams  Jr., because this song is easily one of his greatest hits. Does the cover photo of the video below give that away?

Sit back and “crank up the Hank” with this all-time classic country song:

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A beer bottle on a dock