Graycie York Releases Scathing New Murder Ballad “Family Affair”

Graycie York country music
Chloe Barney/Palo Media/Courtesy of Graycie York

There’s just somethin’ about a country music murder ballad…

Today, Texas up-and-comer Graycie York has a brand new tune out called “Family Affair,” which is a sassy and searing song about a man who’s put his hands on a woman one too many times.

She’s had enough, and knows that once her family gets involved, things just aren’t going to end well for him and he probably won’t make it out alive.

Graycie says that she pulled a little bit of inspiration from The Chicks’ “Goodbye Earl” when writing this song, which she also references in the lyrics, adding that she knows the theme of abuse she sings about is unfortunately a very real thing for so many people:

“I sat down one day and knew I needed to write something and for some reason my mind went dark and I started writing about murder.

Then I started thinking about how if someone ever put their hands on me and I told my family… it probably wouldn’t end up pretty, haha. Then I went on to thinking about ‘Goodbye Earl’ and threw that in the song too, and then ‘Family Affair’ came along.

Unfortunately, abuse is a very real thing and it is hard to sing about, but it’s important to sing about. It’s real life for a lot of people.”

She also shared a little bit about the meaning behind “Family Affair” on her social media accounts, echoing the sentiment that while these can be hard topics to sing about, they’re also extremely important to shed a light on:

And if you’re unfamiliar with her, Graycie has opened for some of the hottest names in the Texas music scene right now, like Pecos and the Rooftops and Kolby Cooper, just to name a couple.

She’s definitely a young artist to keep your eye on, and I’m excited to see what else she has coming because every release so far has been super solid.

Check it out:

“Family Affair”

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